News 6 November 2016
Author: Trudy Barry

Twitter is going mad over these cheating penguins

Author Trudy Barry
6 November 2016

Twitter has been going mad over the last 24 hours thanks to an insane video from… National Geographic. Yeah, you read that right, the prestigious nature magazine that’s been running for over a century has currently got the Twittersphere going batsh-t. 

Nat Geo posted this video of a male penguin catching his lady penguin with her side man and then all hell broke loose. This is a tale of love, loss, violence and pain. For a three minute clip featuring a penguin love triangle, it does actually get quite deep. Check out the clip below.

Now that you’ve witnessed the masterpiece that’s so bloody it could have been directed by the Antarctic equivalent to Quentin Tarentino, you can understand why the internet is losing its collective mind over it. The story has everything really – love, deception, confrontation but unfortunately no happy ending for our main man.

The story has really hit the people of Twitter in the heart and the reactions have been priceless.

Some jokers have even made accounts for the husband, wife, homewrecker and even for the damn kids.

So what do you think? Is this a story of true love prevailing out of an unhappy marriage, or did lady penguin just get caught out trying to get her ting sucked? Either way, we can probably expect a tell all memoir in the not so distant future.