News 17 May 2016

Twitter to exclude photos and links from 140-character count

17 May 2016

Twitter has announced a change today that many will be rejoicing about- that they will be excluding photos and links from 140-character count. The micro blogging site could make the change within a fortnight according to business website Bloomberg.

In it’s current format, links use 23 characters thus reducing the space available for users to post regular tweets.

Earlier this year, it was rumoured that Twitter was going to increase it’s characters limit to 10,000 but that turned out to be for direct messages only.

When discussing an increase of characters on the site, Jack Dorsey (Twitter’s CEO) said the 140 limit made them “unique” and it “separated them from the competition.”

He also described the limit as a “beautiful constraint” that “inspires creativity and brevity”.

Mr Dorsey added: “We think there’s a lot of opportunity in our product to fix some broken windows that we know are inhibiting growth.”

Twitter was launched in July 2006 and currently has 310 million users worldwide.

Most Twitter users were delighted by the news, as seen below:

Will this change encourage you to use Twitter more? What other improvements would you suggest that would make Twitter more user friendly?

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