News 13 May 2020
Author: Courtney W

Twitter Is Now Allowing Its Employees To Work From Home Forever

13 May 2020

Following the outbreak of coronavirus, Twitter announced its employees would be able to work from home during the pandemic but now the tech giant is allowing those who have been working remotely to do so forever.

Twitter’s CEO revealed the news to staff in an email yesterday (May 12), before a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement: “If our employees are in a role and situation that enables them to work from home and they want to continue to do so forever, we will make that happen.

“If not, our offices will be their warm and welcoming selves, with some additional precautions, when we feel it’s safe to return. Opening offices will be our decision, when and if our employees come back, will be theirs.”

The company has said the re-opening of its offices will begin from September but the return of its employees will be completely up to them.

The spokesperson added: “With very few exceptions, offices won’t open before September. When we do decide to open offices, it also won’t be a snap back to the way it was before. It will be careful, intentional, office by office and gradual.

“There will also be no business travel before September, with very few exceptions, and no in-person company events for the rest of 2020. We will assess 2021 events later this year.”