News 6 October 2016
Author: Seth P

Two UKIP Members involved in alleged punch up in France

6 October 2016

News has surfaced of UKIP leadership candidates getting into fist fights after alleged disagreements during a meeting. UKIP is in total disarray, with their leader Diane James resigning after a dismal 18 days in the post, even Big Sam managed England for longer than that!

The UKIP leadership favourite in question is Steven Woolfe, who collapsed in Strasbourg, France during a vote. The collapse is believed to have been linked to an earlier confrontation with fellow UKIP MEP Mike Hookem.

Hookem allegedly aired his disapproval of Woolfe previously expressing the desire to defect to the Tory Party, Woolfe then reportedly lost his cool and took his jacket off and asked Hookem to step outside, Woofle obviously coming off worse.

Later on in the day he had “two epileptic like fits” and began to experience numbness on one side of his body.

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farge commented on the situation saying, “He’s in a much better place than he was a few hours ago.

“He did, as you know, collapse coming out of the chamber during the voting session, and hit the ground pretty hard. He has suffered two seizures, one quite major one, which is obviously pretty serious.

“He did lose consciousness for a bit so things are pretty bad. He has had a series of scans. I’m pleased to say there is no bleeding on the brain and they’ve not found any clots. He is being kept in overnight for observation. He still has a bit of numbness down the left side of his face so it is a pretty serious medical incident but he’s sitting up in bed and he’s feeling a lot better.”

It seems UKIP has some serious issues it needs to iron out if they realistically wish to be seen as serious contenders for running this country.