News 23 February 2020

Tyson Fury beats Deontay Wilder & confirms third rematch

23 February 2020

Tyson Fury has beaten Deontay Wilder during their heavyweight world championship fight last night.

Tyson knocked down Wilder in the third and fifth rounds, giving his opponent a difficult time throughout.

Lasting seven rounds, the rematch fight which crowned Tyson Fury victorious was extra special as Fury has been open about his battle with depression which saw him take a break from the sport.

After his historic win, Tyson Fury broke out into song- much to the amusement of spectators.

Showing off his commendable vocals, Fury sang “American Pie” by Don McLean.

Take in the footage below.

In his post-match interview with BT Sport, Tyson said, “Thank you to my lord and saviour Jesus Christ for giving me the victory tonight.  I told everybody with a pair of ears that the Gypsy King had returned to his throne.”

He added, “I’m a destroyer, not bad for pillow fists aye?”

Tyson Fury also said that he is sure that Deontay Wilder will ask for a rematch and said that “all good fights have trilogies” before stating that he wants their third fight to take place in Las Vegas which he described as “The home of the Gypsy King”. 

Watch the full interview below.