News 30 October 2019
Author: Courtney W

UEFA Under Fire For Ordering ‘Lenient’ Punishment To Bulgaria Following Racist Abuse

30 October 2019

UEFA have ordered a punishment for Bulgaria after several of their fans racially abused England players during a recent Euro 2020 qualifier.

Bulgaria have been ordered to play two games behind closed doors and pay a fine of €75,000 (£64,641).

The punishment from UEFA comes two weeks after Bulgarian fans were heard making monkey noises towards English players during the Euro 2020 qualifier.

After the game was stopped twice, the match was nearly called off completely but England went on to defeat Bulgaria 6-0.

The punishment has been condemned by many for being too lenient, with some highlighting the fact Bulgaria’s fine (£64,641) is less than what Nicklas Bendtner was charged (£80,000) for wearing Paddy Power boxers in 2012.

Since the game between England and Bulgaria, 12 men have been arrested by Bulgarian authorities, with four being banned as well as receiving two-year bans.