News 18 October 2016
Author: Seth P

WTF?! Conspiracy theorist found DEAD days after warning mother he’s in trouble

18 October 2016

A British UFO expert and conspiracy theorist has been found mysteriously dead in Poland. Max Spiers was originally from Canterbury and was a former classmate of Orlando Bloom.

Since then, he had successfully carved out a career for himself by investigating UFO sighting and looking into alleged government cover-ups.

However, most recently he had apparently turned his investigative eye to the lives of well known figures in politics, entertainment and business. As you might imagine that probing in these sort of areas isn’t likely to make you many friends.

This was one of Max’s mothers fears, as she claims that he had been “digging in some dark places” and she “fear(ed) that somebody wanted him dead.”

The plot thickens when he was alleged to have died of natural causes, despite the fact that a post-mortem examination has yet to be carried out on his body.

Reports suggest that prior to his death he was seen vomiting up “black liquid”, which evidently is not something that could arise from “natural causes”.

The most chilling twist to this story, is that Max sent his mother a text message just days before he turned up dead saying, “your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.”

Max’s death remains shrouded in mystery and this has of course sent the UFO and conspiracy theorist communities into a frenzy, as they believe that he was taken out due to the nature of his investigations.

Sound sus, or is this just another case of the tin foil hat brigade?