News 4 July 2016

UFO hovers over Shanghai for 10 hours

4 July 2016

Fearing that earth was about to be overrun by aliens, hundreds of Shanghai residents were freaked out yesterday as what they claim to be a UFO hovered over the city, as pictured above.

Reports said that witnesses described the flying object as suspended in the sky hovering over Shanghai, while some claimed it was there for a whole ten hours overnight. TEN. HOURS.

One witness, Mr Yeng, said he saw the enigma through a telescope as it flashed red, yellow and blue. He was with friends who saw it from Songhu Road “suspended in the night sky clouds.”

Mr Yeng said, “At first I thought it was the stars, but the stars are not so big, but I suspect it is not a plane, but the object has been suspended in the sky and does not seem to move.”

But, there are theories that what they saw was just a weird cloud, as the object ‘appeared’ after clouds dispersed at around 4am local time. Surprise surprise, apparently it was “too dark” to get clearer images.

Other internet users thought the UFO was just a kite with lights on it, but Mr Yeng said it appeared too high up to be one.

People took to social media to discuss what they saw, describing a “red circle thing, hovering far away”. Allegedly, after the sky darkened, the “red things disappeared behind the clouds, but continued to flash in the same location.”

What do you think? Kite, cloud or catastrophe for the planet?