News 19 May 2020
Author: Courtney W

UK Might Be Getting An Extra Bank Holiday In October

19 May 2020

The government is reportedly considering giving the UK an extra bank holiday in October due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Leaders of the UK’s travel industry have recommended the idea to MPs to maximise revenue after the country will have lost two bank holidays this month.

Speaking to the Digital, Media, Culture and Sport Committee, Patricia Yates – the head of Visit Britain – said: “The idea that we could possibly have a bank holiday in October, because the industry has lost the benefit of the two May bank holidays, I think that’s an idea being considered.

“What we’re going to need to do is not just stimulate people in July and August to really extend the season for the domestic market.”

Visit Britain predicts that the travel and tourism sector will face a £37 billion loss as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and believe an October bank holiday would help make up for some of the lost earnings.

A spokesperson for Downing Street has said the government is “supporting the tourism industry during this challenging time”, and will respond to Visit Britain’s proposals soon.