News 27 June 2020

UK travellers to be allowed to holiday across Europe without quarantining

27 June 2020

Starting on the 6th of July, blanket restrictions on non-essential overseas travel will be relaxed in the UK, ministers have said.

Holidaymakers are expected to be allowed to travel to certain European countries without having to spend 14 days in quarantine when they return. 

Spain, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Turkey, Germany and Norway are thought to be included but not Portugal or Sweden. Next week the complete list of UK travel corridors will be released.

A government spokesperson said the new rules would provide people with “the opportunity for a summer holiday abroad” while also boosting the UK economy. 

A traffic light system will be introduced with countries classified as green, amber, and red depending on the prevalence of coronavirus.

The government states that it “wouldn’t hesitate to put on the brakes” if the situation changes. 

Portugal also saw an increase in the number of new cases in and around Lisbon and Sweden is unlikely to be on the list because there is a higher infection there rate than here in the UK. Both are likely to be deemed as red.

UK travellers will also have to hand over the address they expect to stay at when they return from abroad, no matter which country they are returning from. UK travellers will also be legally required to wear face coverings on planes and ferries.