News 18 September 2020
Author: Courtney W

Coronavirus: UK Government Reportedly Considering New Nation-Wide Restrictions

18 September 2020

Boris Johnson is reportedly looking at introducing new nation-wide restrictions to tackle the surge in coronavirus cases in England.

According to reports from the BBC and Sky News, the government is considering implementing restrictions across England for a short period in an attempt to “short circuit” the virus and slow down its spread.

The restrictions being considered would be in place for two weeks and could include the closing of or reduced opening hours of restaurants and bars, the banning of inter-household mixing but will still allow essential travel to work and school.

The timings and duration of the possible measures are yet to be finalised.

News of the government’s new plans come after it was revealed yesterday (September 17) that coronavirus cases are now doubling every seven to eight days in England.

A curfew and new measures were introduced yesterday in North East England amid the “concerning rise” in Covid-19 cases.