News 27 January 2022

UK Government Formally Launch New Study Into Music Streaming Market

27 January 2022

The UK government’s competition watchdog is now launching an in-depth study into the music streaming market to assess whether labels and streaming services hold “excessive power”, and whether artists and listeners are receiving a fair deal.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have decided to examine the streaming market, ranging from creator to consumer, whilst having a stronger look at the roles played by record labels and music streaming services.

The CMA will take a deep dive into seeing if any music firms hold excessive power and how they influence listeners. This then has a knock-on effect on seeing if there are further effects on musicians, singers and songwriters.

The study aims to “build a deeper understanding of how firms in the market influence listeners’ choices and experiences”.

A statement from the CMA added: “While focussing on potential harm to consumers, the CMA will also assess whether any lack of competition between music companies could affect the musicians, singers and songwriters whose interests are intertwined with those of music lovers.”

After its probe, the CMA will then “consider what action may be necessary” if they establish “problems”.

Andrea Coscelli, the chief executive of the CMA stated: “A vibrant and competitive music streaming market not only serves the interests of fans and creators, but helps supports a diverse and dynamic sector, which is of significant cultural and economic value to the UK”.

“As we examine this complex market, our thinking and conclusions will be guided by the evidence we receive.”

As CMA look to set out a fair streaming market, music labels and their artists will be on hold awaiting the decision.

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