News 8 March 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

UK struck by wave of bomb scares across the country’s schools today

8 March 2017

There have been reports flooding in today that dozens of bomb scares have occurred in various different schools across the country.

Schools in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Hull, Hampshire and others had all been targeted this afternoon and prompted large scale evacuations. It is now believed to have been a widespread hoax and police are investigating.

“They were scared. Around 500 children were in the hall, there were lots of tears,” said Kirsty Youngs, a parent of a student at an evacuated school in Ipswich.

“They (teachers) refused to say anything at all about what happened. We were just told to take our children. The children said the fire alarms went off and that instead of going to line up on the play ground they went to the hall.”

Reports have come even as far as Norway, where the schools were called up and threatened with a bomb by an English speaking man. No explosives were found after evacuating.

Superintendent Carwyn Hughes, of Sussex Police, said, “The calls were received by the schools just minutes apart. They show similarities to a number of calls that were received at other schools in the UK.

“The calls remain under investigation as malicious hoaxes.”