News 16 November 2017
Author: Nic Coaker

Sadiq Khan confirms unlimited one hour bus hopper fare

Author Nic Coaker
16 November 2017

Sadiq Khan has announced that the new unlimited one-hour bus hopper fare will come into place from early 2018. 

The current Hopper fare allows any passenger to use two buses within the hour of tapping into the first ride for the standard fare of £1.50. But, from early 2018, travellers are able to ride an unlimited amount of buses within the hour for a set price of £1.50. This means that you basically get two bus journey for the price of one. This setup also works for tram rides, but unfortunately not the underground. 

It’s obvious that people are already making the most of the current Hopper fare’s as Transport for London’s September statistics calculated that 325,000 journeys are made every weekday using the current setup. 

Khan has also confirmed lots of good news for London commuters as he says that all fares will be frozen for the next year, including pay as you go services on the DLR, tubes, rail services and Santander cycles. Although, there is no guarantee that daily caps, travel cards and monthly oyster card fares will be frozen. 

Although, the news comes at a price. With a freeze in fare’s means a lower budget. Every penny less that goes into TFL’s pocket means more delays, less repairs and a smaller workforce. With cuts already being made to their budget, it’s only a matter of time until Londoner’s notice a difference in the services.