Videos 10 October 2021
Author: Andra

Watch Usain Bolt & NJ discuss their debut album, music & Jamaican sprinters on Tim Westwood TV

10 October 2021

Tim Westwood chopped it up with Usain Bolt and NJ recently and discussed music, their debut album Country Yutes, Jamaican sprinters and also Usain Bolt’s unbroken world record.

Country Yutes was released on the 3rd of September and it currently holds the number 1 position in the iTunes reggae charts. Although it has been received very well by the audience, there were some doubts about Bolt’s music career in the beginning as he describes: “For me, the album is to let people know we’re serious. I think when we started out people were like “Oh, he’s not serious, he’s just joking around.” I want people to understand that we’re serious about music, we’re here to stay, we’re here to do proper music.”

NJ also touched on the vision behind Country Yutes and the multitude of sounds and topics they tap into.

The name of the album stands for the duo’s origins, as they were both born and raised in Sherwood Content, which they describe as “proper country.” As NJ points out, “It’s important to us to represent where we’re from”, whilst Bolt confirms: “That’s why we named the album Country Yutes, that’s where we’re from.” Once again, Bolt assures the audience that his music career has only just started, but he is not going to stop: “We’re about making good music and we’re trying to get to the top. So for me that’s our focus, it’s just a matter of time.

They also touched on sports and Usain Bolt’s unbroken World record of 12 years, and how he managed to run 100m in 9.69 seconds at the 2008 Beijing Olympics after only having chicken nuggets during the day.

Discussing this year’s Olympics, Usain Bolt was very happy about Jamaica’s female team performance and even said that Elaine Thompson could probably beat his record.

Check out the full interview above.