News 13 February 2021

People are selling vagina-scented face masks

13 February 2021

In the latest peculiar revelation, people are selling vagina-scented face masks online.

In an interview with Vice, one vendor named Cat talked about her listings on Sniffr which include customisation options that will vary the masks by body part placement and “scent”.

Cat said, “I think people like them because they’re able to enjoy a fetish outside of their home. I think it’s like a little secret only they know and it makes it risky and fun. It’s personally thrilling to me knowing that a mask I’ve had in my panties or shoes is now being worn on someone’s face and they’re enjoying it.”

Another said, “A lot of my clientele fetishize scents, so being able to have a mask full of my fragrances pressed tightly in their face, and being able to deeply inhale my scents, can be a highly euphoric and erotic experience.”

According to Vice, the masks sell for between £3 and £18.

This follows the large variety of “vagina-scented” products which gained traction in 2020 – mostly fronted by actress Gwyneth Paltrow who sold scented candles, reed diffusers and more.

Erykah Badu also fronted a line of vagina-scented incense.