Exclusives 14 February 2020

GRM Exclusive: Here are 14 ‘Roadmantic’ tracks to play for your Valentine

14 February 2020

Valentine’s Day is upon us!

Whether you’re looking forward to celebrating the day with your significant other or you’ll be bringing in the day single, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and romance.

Woo your lover if you have one but if you don’t, enjoy the day nonetheless. Your time will come soon.

Music is important to romance and there have been some amazing releases last year that mixed crud, sick rhymes and of course all things sensual.

Take in 14 of the best (roadmantic) Valentine’s Day bangers below and if this playlist scores you points with your lover and sets the mood, let us know on socials.

D Block Europe – “Home Pussy”

This song is so special. Young Adz gets right underway on this track with his ode to the special woman in his life.

The track celebrates monogamy and is an admission that sometimes, there is only one true love for you… the person that makes you feel safe and like you can be in there all day…

IQ – “Righteous”

Most of IQ’s tracks would fit perfectly on a Valentine’s Day playlist.

The London born dancehall prodigy serenades the ladies with his explicit lyrics and open sexuality.

“Righteous” has sexually charged visuals to match the lyrics which detail IQ’s admiration for the loyal lady in his life – every single part of her.

If your girl loves bashment and you think she’s righteous, play this track and watch your night end in passion.

You’re welcome.

Krept & Konan featuring Spice & Tory Lanez – “First Time”

Sampling Vybz Kartel’s classic hit “Virginity”, this cut from Krept and Konan’s 2019 album Revenge is Sweet borrows the theme of recalled sexual encounters and calls on artists from Jamaica and Canada to add international flair to their narrative.

With its raw lyrics, sultry instrumental, and vibe that invites close whinings, don’t be surprised if this track gets you into trouble this Valentine’s Day.

You might end up with something very special to celebrate nine months later in November.

Jay Silva – “Dirty Diana”

Speaking of whining, Jay Silva created a whining anthem with this track.

With its slow instrumental and his melodic crooning, Jay’s track oozes intimate energy and “Dirty Diana” is the perfect track for everyone’s romantic time playlist.

Maybe your girl isn’t called Diana but we’re sure if you ask nicely enough, she can pretend it is for three minutes.

Headie One – “Home”

Hopefully you won’t be able to relate to having your loved one doing a bid and the pain that comes with waiting for them to come home.

Nonetheless, the loyalty, passion and companionship conveyed on this track is relatable.

Perhaps your love is on tour, lives far away or you just don’t see them enough.

Either way, Headie One’s “Home” perfectly describes the anxiety and desperation you feel when you need to see your love.

If this track isn’t on your playlist of ‘roadmantic’ bangers, you’re doing it all wrong.

Ramz – “You’re Mine”

Taken from Ramz’ EP Blockbuster, “You’re Mine” is one of the standout tracks for several reasons.

“You’re Mine” shows progression and growth in the young Mitcham hailing artist.

Ramz is a big man now, he doesn’t just link tings from Barking now, he’s taking his girl to his furnished home and he’s making sacrifices for their relationship. Mature right?

Featuring vocals from Mnelia, this track is a short but sweet representation of young but mature-(ish) love.

There’s confusion, dedication and insecurity – the three main elements in all youth relationships it appears.

If you listen closely enough, you’ll hear the sound of Ramz and Mnelia screenshotting eachother’s messages to get their friends’ opinions in the groupchat.

Wretch 32 featuring Burna Boy – “All In”

Wretch 32’s 2019 project Upon Reflection was a mature offering from the artist.

Wretch reflects on monogamous love, fatherhood and more on this project and “All In” featuring Burna Boy is a romantic and sensual track that illustrates the beauty of adult romance.

Youtube comments on this track say it is underrated and no truer statement was ever left as a comment in the history of YouTube.

Dejour & Darkoo – “Weh You Did Deh”

Slow bashment is the equivalent of traditional R&B slow jams.

Artists like Dejour, Dexta Daps and IQ set sensual moods with their slow crooning over instrumentals made for slow whines and babymaking.

“Weh You Did Deh” combines Dejour’s bashment style with Darkoo’s afrobeats tinged tone and the result is a textured and layered sexually charged love song with both male and female perspectives.

Deno featuring JAY1 – “Lauren”

Prior to his untimely passing, Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle formed a beautiful family.

Lauren and Nip’s Los Angeles love story was admirable and truly the perfect representation of Celebrity Relationship Goals.

This track from Deno and JAY1 reimagines the love story on their terms.

The result is a London centric romance which involves shisha, intimacy and trust.

What more do you need?

Dolapo – “I Swear”

Dolapo sings directly to her man on this track.

In her velvety tone, Dolapo perfectly describes all of the feelings that take over when you’re happy with your significant other.

If you’re in a relationship and you can’t relate to the lyrics on this track, it’s maybe time to reflect.

Put this track on in the background as you treat your love to a romantic dinner and let them know that these lyrics are how you feel.

It will win you points, 100 per cent.

Ling Hussle – “Gold”

Ling Hussle is one of the waviest artists out at the moment. If you’re not familiar, pattern yourself.

Her Hussle X Dreams project is jam-packed full of bangers but “Gold” definitely glitters.

With its teasing instrumental that picks up in places and drops in others, “Gold” is a superb and cleverly composed offering that rhythmically treats the listener to the patterns of love-making.

Lyrically a romantic and sexual proposition, the track is an experience in all aspects and is essential to have on your Valentine’s Day playlist.

Col3trane & Miraa May – “Rendezvous”

Is there anything more romantic than a rendezvous with your bae?

This track sees Col3trane and Miraa describe the anticipation and excitement of a romantic encounter in their contrasting styles.

The beauty of this track is that like in love, opposites attract. Col3trane and Miraa are so different yet their synergy is so powerful on this track that they fit together perfectly.

Capo Lee & Lola Snow – “All 4 U”

This track is upbeat and fun yet the message is serious and mature.

This track is all about dedication, commitment and security.

Choose your Valentine well and if you know they’re the one, play them this track to cement your relationship.

Hopefully, they’ll be “All 4 U” too.

Skengdo & AM – “Tugg”

Girls love bad boys (apparently).

Girls love deep voices too so AM is often the Man Crush Monday of many thanks to his extremely low and bassy cadence.

What better then is this track “Tugg” which hears AM serenade a special lady and ask her to come his way.

For the ladies that love guys that are a little rough around the edges, this track is an essential romantic offering.

You’ll hear AM and Skengdo try to sweet a girl in some parts alongside cruddy lyrics in others.

The perfect mix of bad boy and romantic. Swoon.

Perhaps you’re a Clyde and you’re looking for the perfect track to play to your Bonnie, this is it.

Any Valentine’s Day feature would be incomplete without an honorable mention of Tinie Tempah’s “Wifey Riddim”.

Released in 2006, the track was a Channel U era classic and cemented the instrumental as one of the most prolific productions in UK music history. “Wifey Rididm” went on to inspire subsequent tracks by MO, Yungen and AJ Tracey”.