News 12 June 2020

Violent Protestors Could Be Jailed Within 24 Hours Amid Fears Of Demonstration Clashes

12 June 2020

Violent protesters could be jailed within 24 hours of being arrested as authorities try to stop trouble at the protests across the UK.

The plans come as more protests against racism, injustice and inequality are set to take place this weekend, as well as far-right counter groups are set to be present too. 

Home Secretary Priti Patel and Mr Buckland have drawn up theses proposals with the aim of to target suspected protesters who are seen to be vandalising, causing criminal damage or assaulting a police officer, which will lead them to being jailed within 24 hours in an attempt to defuse disorder.

The government are also publishing plans to double maximum sentences for those who assault key workers. 

This week has seen monuments being boarded up as to try as they have been previously vandalised in protests. Far right groups and far-right figure Tommy Robinson have called on their support to travel to London to protect the monuments at this weekends BLM demonstrations.

This has led to BLM organisers having to cancel one of their protests at Hyde Park, after receiving many warnings from “many hate groups”, threatening to harm the safety of demonstrators. They said they want the protests to be a “safe space for people to attend however we don’t think it’ll be possible with people like them present.”

A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said more needs to be done to eradicate prejudice, however demonstrations should not lead to violent or unlawful actions.