News 23 February 2021
Author: Courtney W

DJ Dubl To Host New Series Of UK Interviews For Vlad TV

23 February 2021

UK based DJ and presenter DJ Dubl has been announced as the host for a new series of UK interviews on VLAD TV.

Due to launch next week with an interview with Bandokay and Double Lz, the new series will see DJ Dubl – who has presented numerous live broadcasts for BBC 1Xtra and interviewed the likes of Giggs, J Hus, Ghetts and more – chop it up with some of the UK’s biggest names to shine a light on homegrown talent.

With over 4 million subscribers, the VLAD TV YouTube channel has become a popular destination for viewers seeking hard-hitting conversations with huge figures within hip-hop and rap such as Nas, Snoop Dogg, 21 Savage, Cardi B and many more.

We’ve seen VLAD link up with UK acts such as Giggs, 67, Akala, Kojo Funds and K Koke in the past but the new series will be a dedicated UK branch of the platform.

DJ Vlad said: “The interest in rap music coming from the UK is growing out here, so with this new chapter of VLAD TV interviews we’re opening up even more UK artists to our international audience. We wanted someone in the UK who knows the culture inside out, has a good reputation as a strong interviewer and can hold relaxed, no holds barred conversations with the biggest artists and personalities in the United Kingdom. DJ Dubl was the obvious choice.”

DJ Dubl added: “Being able to interview some of the biggest artists and producers in the UK on such a huge international platform will bridge the gap between the UK artists and the potential US fanbase! On top of that it will bring more viewers from the UK to VLAD TV, making the platform even stronger & solidifying it even more on both sides of the Atlantic! This is an incredible opportunity for the artists I’ll be sitting down with to reach a massive international audience, and I hope it will help fuel the interest in UK rap from abroad in a way that has never been done before!”