News 15 October 2017
Author: Marisa Lee

Watch Stormzy merk ‘The Chase’ on the ‘Jonathan Ross Show’

Author Marisa Lee
15 October 2017

At this point, the screen isn’t even anything new to Stormzy. He’s appeared in film Brotherhood, is set to join Nicole Scherzinger on X-Factor and has now made an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show.

Last night Big Mikey joined The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh on Ross’ sofa and the pair formed their own weird duo, discussing a potential collab with him and Walsh, who was on the show to promote his new album.

Walsh said, “I think we’ve got half a chance. I don’t care what Stormzy says, we’ve got seriously more than half a chance. He is going to rap on my new album and I’ll unwrap his. And we call ourselves Stormzy and Clumzy. With a Z.

“I want Stormzy to do something for me next, do something on my album. Because I actually love his stuff. I really do.”

That’s not all that went down though. Stormz mentioned how much he loves The Chase and how he thinks he’d smash the game.

“I love The Chase,” Stormzy told Jonathan. “Genuinely, the other day we were all at my house drinking, the mandem, I was with the mandem and my missus had a big argument because I was adamant that I would merk The Chase, I would destroy it… Every time I watch it I usually win.”

Of course, like a dream come true, Jonathan came through with the make-shift The Chase set up, and Stormzy stepped up to play against The Governess with Bradley hosting. Watch the video below to see how he does.