News 9 February 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Massive weed farm found in Legoland

Author Trudy Barry
9 February 2017

Remember Legoland? The building block themed kids theme park with locations across the world? Well they’re in the news for a non-Lego based reason and it’s actually jokes.

News came to light yesterday that police uncovered a huge cannabis farm in a derelict cottage located on the premises of none other than Legoland Windsor.

Legoland staff were doing “routine checks” of the more obscure grounds within the park on Monday when they discovered the farm within an out-of-use cottage.

An unnamed source told The Sun, “the bungalow was set up with lights and watering gear. It’s not a few plants, it’s a professional farm.”

Apparently there was around 50 plants in total, all of which were over a metre tall.

Two men aged 34 and 40 have been arrested on suspicion of growing the massive crop. Thames Valley police are currently still on site, which has been shut down to the public. So no Lego rides for a minute.