News 17 October 2018

Weed is now legal in this country

17 October 2018

It is now legal to consume recreational weed in Canada. This follows from a promise that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made when he was elected in 2015.

However, not all type of Cannabis are legal to sell and it was up to each province to decide where weed can be brought and consumed.

Right now only dried and fresh pot, oils, seeds, and plants are legal to purchase. Buying options can include pre rolled joints and oil filled pills. Other things like edibles are still unavailable, but the government promises to make these regulated and legal within a year.

“Prohibition has ended right now. We just made history,” said 46-year-old Ian Power, who bought a gram in St John’s, Newfoundland to become one of the first people to buy the drug legally in the country.

“I can’t believe we did it. All the years of activism paid off. Cannabis is legal in Canada and everyone should come to Canada and enjoy our cannabis.”

In many provinces, the legal age for buying weed is 19. People are allowed to carry up to a total of 30 grams of Cannabis in public across the country and they are allowed to grow up to four plants at home.

Could this lead to a change in the UK some time soon?