Videos 25 July 2021
Author: Oli Knight

Wewantwraiths blesses us with “French Kiss/War Crimes” freestyle

25 July 2021

Wewantwraiths has established himself as one of the most exciting melodic rappers in the country. Since emerging onto the scene just over a year ago with bangers like “Unforgettable” and his “Emotionally Scarred” remix, Leicester’s finest has been on an undeniable hot streak.

Releasing his music on his own channel, his come-up has been completely organic, developing an ever-growing cult fanbase.

“French Kiss/War Crimes” sees Wewantwraiths rapping poolside of a luxury mansion, continuing his association with the finer things in life. Halfway through the video, an army of journalists turn up, and Wewatnwraiths proceeds to rap directly to them. Such a scene illustrates the invasion of privacy he is likely experiencing as a result of his rise to fame and offers another moment of introspection.

The freestyle itself is Wewantwraiths at his best, combining his melodic flair with effortless flows. “French Kiss” is classic Wewantwraiths content, with lyrics about his girl and designer clothes the main themes.

“War Crimes” is surprisingly conscious, however, and sees Wewantwraiths question the actions of those allowing atrocities in countries like Palestine.

Commenting on their struggles whilst addressing the press, Wewantwraiths is clearly making a statement to the public on his views on these issues, making it clear where his sympathy lies. All in all, this is another great release by Wewantwraiths and definitely deserves to be checked out.