News 15 September 2020
Author: Seth P

What we know about FIFA 21 So far

15 September 2020

Written By: Samuel Lowndes // @samueltlq

FIFA 21 is set to release on the 9th of October so here is everything you need to know about the game!

if you pre-order the Champions or Ultimate edition you will be able to play it three days early on October 6th. There is no date for when FIFA 21 will be released on the PS5 and Xbox Series X yet, but if you buy it on a current generation console, you won’t have to pay for it on a next generation console because of EA’s dual entitlement (progress on FUT and Volta will also be carried over).


Agile dribbling (an upgraded version of precision dribbling), means that players with good ball control will be able to move the ball around better without necessarily using skill moves. Creative runs and improved positional awareness will be improved to introduce more movement in attacks. Defending and blocking will be stronger in the game, and improved natural collision system is meant to reduce the amount of times players fall over. Long through balls will be more effective, and competitor mode AI will attempt to replicate the skill level of competitive esports players to provide more of a challenge.

Career Mode: 


The visual sim feature will offer a Football Manager-esque way to simulate matches with the ability to make substitutions, control tactics and jump in at key moments. It is meant to last around 4 to 5 minutes to offer an immersive experience but also making each match quicker to play.

GRM Daily

Player development will use position training and role training with roles such as false 9 (again like Football Manager), to make players suit your style of play. Position training will give managers the ability to convert players to new positions. Weak foot and skill move training will be available, as well as being able to have rest days. This is used to balance morale and match sharpness, which is how close a player will perform to their full ability.

Transfers will also be updated with an option of loan-to-buy and EA have claimed that unrealistic free transfers won’t be able to happen so now you won’t be able to sign Ronaldo on a free transfer during your Tranmere Rovers road to glory. There will also be a full youth team at the beginning of your career mode save.

Ultimate Team:

The FIFA 21 pitch notes state that FUT will be “providing meaningful ways to play with your friends was one of our key goals for the title this year. When FUT 21 is released, playing online cooperatively with a friend will be possible in Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and FUT Friendlies.”

The new co-op tab will make it easier and provide more ways to play with friends such as co-op seasons, co-op squad battles and themed challenges against other players. There are new rewards for getting promoted for the first time, and you can now customise the stadium you play at with new tifos, walk out music, as well as your stadium growing in size as you progress through the divisions.

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