News Videos 8 January 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Did this white YouTube star just drop the N-word in a vlog?

Author Trudy Barry
8 January 2017

The world’s most viewed vlogger/Swedish guy Pewdiepie has found himself in trouble after dropping his latest video online.


Pewdiepie, real name Felix Kjellberg, recently found himself on a top 100 hottest guys list, ranking at number 18. Understandably, the man was gassed about ranking so highly and used his trademark energetic goofiness to illustrate that.

The vid sees him going through the list until he lands on himself, spinning around and yelling “eighteen! Eighteen! Eighteen n*gga-before the editing quickly cuts to the next shot.


The video has already had almost 4.5 million views in two days, and considering Pewdiepie has an insane 50 million followers on his Youtube channel, those views are going to continue to rise. It seems fairly clear what Kjellberg was saying in the clip, though some fans are trying to defend him by saying the quick cut editing makes it difficult to understand what he actually said.


Kjellberg has made no official comment on the video, however he did retweet a hashtag which read “#PewDiePieIsAN*****party”. This guy sounds like a bit of a d-ck to be honest, as it doesn’t appear that he’s taking the whole thing seriously at all.

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Coincidentally, the same day that this all happened, the official Yahoo twitter account accidentally tweeted the N-word to their 1.5 million followers.