News 4 October 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Who is Teddy Bruckshot? We think we’ve solved the mystery…

4 October 2016

Yesterday, Sir Spyro finally released the long-anticipated visuals to his single “Topper Top“, featuring Lady Chann, Killa P and the mysterious Teddy Bruckshot.

The latter artist is a mystery to most listeners. An enigmatic secret identity. The question to who he truly is remains a puzzle.

Rumour has it that Teddy Bruckshot is an artist who already operates under a different name, which begs the question as to why they have decided on the change.

Internet forums have been ablaze with guesses as to who the character is. He’s recently appeared on Spyro’s tune, as well as the huge “Mud” remix, which Spyro also produced for Capo Lee.

Some have speculated that Teddy Bruckshot is the MC alias of Sir Spyro himself, as a separate moniker away from his production credits.

Capo Lee’s cameo in the “Topper Top” video has even lead some to suggest that he’s the man behind the distinctive voice of Bruckshot, although this one seems particularly absurd.

Our best guest as to who it really is? Stormin.

The unmistakable and ragga tinged flow heard on “Topper Top” wouldn’t sound that out of place from the MC who can often be found spitting over drum and bass.

While it’s impossible to know for sure, the three time D&B Award winning MC could very well be flexing his creative muscle and trying something new under the namesake of the Shottas character.

Further evidence comes from a Boiler Room performance back in May, where Sir Spyro rolled through with all three “Topper Top” collaborators. As keen-eyed Redditor nikoma noticed, at a certain point during the set, you can peek past Bruckshot’s mask enough to see a mighty big clue.

At 23:40 into the video, you can see what looks like Stormin’s skin marks on his face.

So is that the mystery solved? Who knows. We’re not so sure if the real Teddy Bruckshot will ever step into the spotlight, but we do know we’re gonna stay interested if this sick music continues to roll out!

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