Exclusives 13 May 2019
Author: Alice Moodle

GRM Exclusive: Why you need to get to know slowthai

13 May 2019

Every once in a while, an artist comes along that shakes up the whole industry. Whether it be their sound, their outlook or just their whole persona, their entrance to the scene is enough to cause a stir. The latest to get the people talking is UK’s very own Tyron Kaymone Frampton, or as you may know him, slowthai.

After suffering from a speech impediment in school, Tyron quickly developed the nickname ‘Slow’, and in 2016 he emerged as slowthai with his breakout track “Jiggle”. Capturing the publics attention with his rough and raw lyrics and his dark yet humorous visuals, he’s managed to create a huge fanbase who thrive off the cut-throat and brutal execution of his messages.

“Feeling great, nothing great about Britain” is a line which finds itself back on thai’s 2016 “Jiggle” track. A common theme which has captured the minds of many his following. What may seem like stabs at our nation doesn’t come from a place of resentment but an attempt to dismantle the stereotypes of the culture, finding a focus of navigation to prioritise the problems that Britain faces.


“Tea, biscuits, the roads, everything we associate with being British isn’t British.”

Fast forward three years and he’s got the nation on edge awaiting the release of his upcoming debut album, Nothing Great About Britain due on May 17th. After working alongside Mike Skinner, Flume and Slaves on previous work, the album is due to have features from Skepta and Jaykae.

Pushing his message through his album marketing campaign, the capital awoke to a slew of political billboards across the city. Alerting his fanbase via Instagram, listing the locations, he encouraged fans to take pictures of the billboards and send them to him.

Each poster carried the “Nothing Great About Britain” slogan alongside harsh truths, such as “78% of large companies in the UK pay men more than they pay women” and “If you’re black you are 8 times more likely to be the subject of a stop and search than if you’re white”.

As always, voicing your opinion isn’t always welcomed with open arms. After receiving mixed reviews on his first television performance for Soccer AM slowthai responded: “don’t let it upset you when you can’t understand, open your mind”.

Like a lot of Britain, he’s angry about what the younger generation is facing, and the way they’re treated, not one to take a back seat, he’s created a platform to voice his take of the country’s state and he’s going to make sure you hear it.

With lyrics laced in scathing messages and visuals dripping with black humour, slowthai released his “Nothing Great About Britain” single from his upcoming album last week. When recently asked what’s next he said “Bare music, bare art, bare visuals – just hell breaking loose and fun and happiness. That’s the end goal. As long as I’m happy, I don’t care about accolades or anything else”.

Questioning what it really means to be British, his music is sparking thoughtful conversation, with lyrics looking at Brexit, male mental health, race, stereotypes and female equality. He’s determined to create a voice in society which represents people like himself, his relatable lyrics touch on life as a UK working-class youth growing up in a council estate with a single parent family.

“I want to say things and write in a way that makes you think different – otherwise, what am I doing? I’m not invoking no thought or opening your mind. I’m trying to make good music and say things to make people change their thinking as well as change mine. It’s my art, but it’s open to interpretation”.

slowthais’ style is indefinable. Borrowing elements of genres such a punk, grime and rap he’s crossing lines and carving his own path. For every fan that recognises his sound like one thing another insists it’s something else. He’s creating a sub-genre which no-one is about to argue against, fuelled by spreading the message of love and unity through his notoriously gritty beats and politically charged bars he’s placed himself at a pivotal position, bringing something fresh & exciting to the scene.