News 7 November 2015
Author: Marisa Lee

Wife gave husband oral sex in Westfield shopping centre – as their kids looked on! Now banned from London!

Author Marisa Lee
7 November 2015

Pregnant Akeela Ali was caught performing oral sex on her husband Fahad Bilal back in July. The CCTV footage shows her performing the act on sofas in Shepherd’s Bush Westfield while their two children, aged three and five, were next to them.

Akeela told the courts, ‘I’m just quite ashamed of what I did, I’m not happy with what happened. At the time I didn’t realise what I was doing, I was pregnant. We were sitting together, we were tired and it just happened.’

Her husband said, ‘It was a big mistake and it was shameful.”

The prosecutor of the case said, ‘This went on for around 10 minutes. They were interrupted several times by the children. They started kissing as their kids were running around playing. It was not that busy at the time but he knew it was a public area. ‘They thought about stopping when the children interrupted but continued.’

The couple are banned from coming inside the M25 for eight weeks, and will be arrested if they breach this.