News 13 January 2017

7 of Wiley’s maddest moments

13 January 2017

Eskiboy’s long-awaited album, Godfather, has finally dropped today and it looks to be one of his best. From the birth of grime, Wiley has been an enigma that has entertained the masses and that’s why we love him. When speaking about Wiley, most people have nothing but interesting stories. Zdot was asked what a studio session with Wiley was like, in which he responded, “I wouldn’t be able to say a way where Wiley is like that every time because it’s always different.”  In honour of the Godfather, we look back at some of his maddest moments.

1. When he made boiled eggs (and soldiers) on YouTube

It’s not everyday you’re able to watch your favourite artist make breakfast online, but I guess sometimes you just want to put something out there, so why not put a video of yourself skanking out and making egg and soldiers on YouTube? The comments on the video are pretty generous too and the amount of love shown for Wiley cooking some eggs is pretty special.

2. When he opened his very own sports store, Eski Sports, in Cyprus

Sportswear is a fundamental pin in the fashion that grime brought with its sound, so what better for Wiley to do then open his own store? If you didn’t have anywhere to buy nice creps in Cyprus, now you do.

3. When he didn’t turn up (a lot)

Wiley has a reputation for not turning up to things, whether that be festivals, bookings or video shoots. There have been times where this has caused a ruckus, but he came through with one more no-show just before, the album dropped, his supposed Boiler Room debut yesterday.

4. When he clashed Kano

Maybe one the Godfather’s most symbolic and legendary moments, Wiley clashed the next young and upcoming MC at the time: Kano. Back in 2004, this was the launch of Lord Of The Mics, which would go on to be the biggest clashing arena for grime MCs. What makes this clash even more special is the success that they both went on to gain. This was an all-star clash to say the least.

5. When he live-tweeted himself drinking 20 jagerbombs

Because who doesn’t drink 20 jagerbombs in one sitting?

“I know you heard I was spending bare time in the boozer,” the words of Wiley on “U Were Always, Pt.2”. He spoke about the happening with FACT Mag,
 in which he said the total was actually 33 jagerbombs: “It got silly, for a minute, and I was tweeting each one. All of a sudden I was on 33 of them…”

6. When he tweeted (generally)

GRM Daily

@WileyUpdates isn’t new to tweeting his thoughts or voicing his opinion, from his Twitter battle with Rizzle Kicks, to his anger with Cumbria as a county after a show consisting of a pretty rough crowd, you can find some gems on his Twitter.

Take the above as an example, following his Twitter rant regarding Glastonbury 2013.

7. When he made adverts

We already discussed Eskiboy making eggs on his YouTube channel but there’s more where that came from. If Hartley’s Jam ever needed a new advert to appeal to the youth, here’s your answer:

Not just jam though, Lacoste too:

Wiley is just that guy; he’s hilarious, he’s mysterious and more time, completely unpredictable – but that’s why we love him.