Interviews News 13 February 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

Wiley reveals advice from Skepta whilst making ‘Godfather’

13 February 2017

In his recent interview on Beats 1 with Julie Adenuga, Wiley sat down to talk about the making of Godfather and revealed a couple of tidbits in the process.

He revealed some conversations between himself and his Boy Better Know bredrin Skepta that helped formulate the album’s direction.

He said, “Because I’ve done so many different things but repeated them and they’ve worked and some didn’t work. This time round I would have thought the same thing.

“If Junior didn’t come to me and say ‘right, listen, do this one on a level…’, then I would have still been thinking ‘I’m Wiley from the young days’,” he continued, “But I’m not, I’m an older Wiley. He reminded me that we’re going up. ‘You’re gonna drop a project here, but you’re the OG, let them know that’.

“I speak to him and he tells me some knowledge that I’ve got to go and do. Then I talk to him, then we laugh. He guides me in the way that one day I might have guided someone else. I have to be thankful for that because at one stage I didn’t always see myself being guided by him.”

You can listen to the interview in full tonight on Beats 1.