News 4 May 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

Wiley unveils his autobiography release date

4 May 2017

He has one of the – if not the – most celebrated careers in grime music, but Wiley is surefire to still have plenty of stories to tell that we’re yet to hear.

All are bound to revealed in his long hinted at autobiography, the title and release date of which has been released today.

Eskiboy is due to arrive in stores across the UK on November 2nd, according to its publisher Penguin Books, with a pre-order already available for the hardcover.

The official blurb reveals some details of what to expect, with it reading, “Eskiboy will be an account of Wiley’s life and career, from white-label releases and illegal broadcasting to lifetime achievement awards and beyond.

“Structured in 96 short chapters, it will cover his early years and influences, his friendships and rivalries, and the tragedies and triumphs of two decades in music, as well as explore the history and future of Grime and the Eskimo Sound.

“Featuring lyrics, notes and never-before-seen photographs, it will celebrate a singular musical icon, and the world he has created.”

Pre-order Eskiboy right here and start getting excited to learn some more about the Godfather of Grime.