News 28 July 2020

Wiley Removed From Facebook & Instagram Following Antisemitic Posts

28 July 2020

Wiley has been removed from Facebook and Instagram after sharing a series of anti-semitic posts.

An unverified Facebook account under the grime artist’s real name – Richard Kylea Cowie – hit out at a number of Jewish celebrities, including Lord Sugar, BBC presenter Emma Barnett and comedian David Baddiel, who had all slammed the previous comments he made.

This comes after Wiley was put on a seven-day Twitter ban following the antisemitic posts he shared on the social media platform, over the weekend.

Facebook took his account down on Tuesday [July 28], and the rapper was also dropped by his management.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews said they had raised his comments with Facebook “as a matter of urgency”.

Board of Deputies president Marie Van der Zyl said: “We are aware that Richard Cowie – AKA Wiley – has continued his obsessive targeting of the Jewish community on Facebook, now that Twitter and Instagram are closed off to him.

“We have raised his conduct with Facebook as a matter of urgency and have stressed in the strongest possible terms that they should remove him from their platform as well.”

The board is also in talks with Twitter to urge the platform to completely delete Wiley’s account for good as he “made it clear he intends to exhibit even worse behaviour” following his ban being lifted.