News 21 July 2016
Author: Sam

Are Wiley, Chip & Ice Kid plotting a reunion madness?

Author Sam
21 July 2016

Let’s start by taking you back a bit. The year is 2007 and Wiley has just defied all conventions by bringing two relatively unknown youngers – Ice Kid and Chipmunk – to his Westwood freestyle. The new kids on the block stagger millions of viewers with their lyricism and energy, and establish themselves as the hottest youths in the scene.

It’s almost a decade ago now, but neither Chip or Ice Kid would downplay the effect that the Westwood freestyle had on their careers.

Since then, the three have gone in very separate directions. Wiley did his “Heatwave”/Eskimo Dance/BBK thing, Chip did his Chris Brown/Grime-Rap/Multi-Beef thing, and Ice Kid ducked out.

However, it looks like 2016 could be the year that the talented trio link back up. After his explosive return to the scene at this year’s Red Bull Culture Clash, Ice Kid is making music again, and on Wednesday put out a song alongside Chip. “Where’s Ice Kid At” seemed to answer its own question with the simple answer – back.

And just like in ’07, it looks like Wiley wants in on the Ice-Chip action.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, he tweeted the two MCs, stating they should “do a project when the time is right.” Chip hit him back with an encouraging response, joking that Eskiboy wasn’t too old to flow with him and Ice.

Could it be that, after all these years, the stars have aligned? Could the chemistry that the three maestros created back in the day be reproduced over a whole project?

We don’t know, but Ice Kid’s return, coupled with the speculative tweet bants, from a trio with such an abundance of talent, has got us a little bit gassed.

Watch this space.