News 5 September 2016
Author: Abby

What are Wiley & Logan up to? Check out the trailer for ‘Godfather’

Author Abby
5 September 2016

On the ever-increasing build up to Wiley’s album release, he has shared with us a short trailer to give us the nod that Godfather is on its way.

The black and white video doesn’t actually feature Wiley himself at all; instead it gives us a sneaky preview of “Can’t Go Wrong”, and follows Logan Sama into the studio as he cuts a dubplate, finally signalling the beginning of the end of the process.


The effectively self-titled album, Godfather, will feature collaborations from some of our favourite legends, including Newham Generals, Chip, Ice Kid, P Money, and of course BBK.

Perhaps most exciting of all is the fact that Wiley has so far managed to keep all 17 tracks under lock and key, meaning we’re left in suspense until he throws us a single or two. Other than this we get to enjoy as much fresh music as possible on the day Godfather lands. 

Currently scheduled for release on October 28th, the album will be out on Wiley and Logan’s own Chasing The Art Records, and you can pre-order it here