News 24 August 2019

Wiley calls Ed Sheeran a “Culture Vulture” & battles with Jaykae on Twitter over “Take Me Back to London”

24 August 2019

Wiley has called Ed Sheeran a “culture vulture” in a series of tweets following the release of the “Take Me Back to London” remix visuals.

Released yesterday and accumulating over one million views in just under 24 hours, the track builds on the original featuring Stormzy and adds new verses by Birmingham’s Jaykae and Manchester’s Aitch.


With a representative from each of the UK’s most thriving and buzzing music hubs at his side, Ed offers a grimey new track which is bound to take over the charts.

Wiley has taken a more cynical look at the collaboration however and has hit out at Ed Sheeran in a series of strongly-worded tweets.


Wiley wrote on Twitter, “I’m sick of people using grime to look good for 2 minutes fuck Off FFS. Shall I get my guitar and foot pedal out? Anyone who uses us and our sounds are culture vultures. Don’t come to grime if your (sic) a clout chaser and a culture vulture stay away”.

Jaykae responded to Wiley with some tweets of his own and called out the grime legend for his comments.

Jaykae wrote, “Wiley’s so sour and amped up about Ed making a grime song that he hasn’t even clocked I spun his head off in my verse”.


The new tweets follow Wiley’s Instagram comments on Stormzy’s post which caused the Gang Signs and Prayer artist to respond.


Wiley wrote, “Oh shit so now Ed you wanna do grime yeah fuckin ell mate. Bro I’m gonna be honest with you, same love and respect but sadly it’s 2019 my brudda, and for real, I am saying it’s sounding very weird, Ed on grime”.


Stormzy replied to Wiley’s comment and said, “No Wiley you know Ed been doing this from early, been a real one from early, can’t question that. ‘You know I love you and respect you brother but nah don’t do that”.


Videos dated back as early as 2010 can be seen across YouTube where Ed Sheeran collaborates with prominent artists from the scene such as Devlin. Ed Sheeran has since collaborated some of the biggest artists on the scene including Dave and Skepta


As we keep you updated with this story, click here to watch the visuals to the track that catalysed this drama, the “Take Me Back to London” remix right here on GRM Daily.