News 29 January 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Could Wiley finally be playing this iconic festival?

Author Trudy Barry
29 January 2017

It sounds like with this new album Wiley is bringing a whole new attitude. The Godfather has become a lot calmer lately. Gone are his trademark angry tweets and general wild card behaviour. Now, in a somewhat shocking move, it looks like he might actually be playing Glastonbury this year.


An artist playing a music festival is no big thing, and Glastonbury has a massive line up every year, but Wiley and the iconic festival have had beef in the past.


Let’s be honest, Wiley has a bad rep when it comes to showing up to gigs. He famously won’t go to a show if he’s not feeling it. Back in 2013, the Bow rapper went off on one after arriving at the festival in a series of now infamous tweets.


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However, that was three years ago and time can change a person. Today a few suggestive tweets went out and people are certainly getting excited.



So, could it be? Is the Godfather going to finally make peace with Worthy farm? Or maybe he’s just trolling us for a laugh – which to be honest is totally possible.