News 16 January 2021

Wiley teases new album ‘Anti-Systemic’

16 January 2021

After seeding new music previews on to various social media platforms, Wiley has revealed the name of his new album.

Titled Anti-Systemic, the title makes reference to the artist’s past controversies.

This new drop will follow the release of “Speaks” which dropped back in October.

With no confirmed release date yet, Wiley fans will have to wait patiently for more updates.

For now though, it appears that Wiley has offered the world the project’s artwork.


Anti-Systemic will follow the projects Boasty Gang – The Album and The Godfather 3 which dropped in summer 2020. The former was unveiled without warning.

As we wait for more news on this upcoming project, take in Wiley’s recent Grime Report studio interview.