News 17 April 2021

Woman fined for breaking lockdown rules by driving around to find “fit fellas”

17 April 2021

A woman fined for breaking lockdown restrictions by making a non-essential journey said that she was trying to find some “fit fellas”.

The 29-year-old woman was stopped in Birkenhead back in May during the UK’s first national lockdown.

The woman argued that she had been travelling to the shops which had been her reason to drive from Wirral to Liverpool which is a 6-mile trip.

Further police enquiries revealed that she had instead been trying to look for men.

As reported by the Liverpool Echo, in a witness statement given in court, PC David Cullen who spoke to the restriction breaker said, “I was just trying to see some fella.”

“She went on to say that she had had some problems in Wirral and that Liverpool had loads of ‘fit fellas’, and that she was driving around trying to find some.”

“I pointed out to her that this was not a valid reason to be out to which she replied, ‘I wasn’t even going shopping, that was a lie.'”

A magistrate found the woman guilty of leaving her residence without a reasonable excuse during lockdown and she was fined £220.

As part of Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown, groups of up to 10 people from a maximum of two households are allowed to meet up outside.

Non-essential retail stories, barbers, hairdressers, gyms and outdoor sports venues have now reopened.

From the 17th of May, the next stage will occur which will included the reopening of indoor spaces at pubs, restaurants, cinemas, B&Bs and hotels.

Fans will also be allowed back at sporting events (up to 10,000) and mixing of different households will once again be allowed indoors.

Up to 30 people will also be allowed at weddings, funerals and christenings

From the 21st of June, all limits on social contact are set to be lifted.