News 24 April 2021

Woman glues her eye shut after mistaking glue for eye drops

24 April 2021

A woman accidentally glued her eye shut after mistaking nail glue for eye drops.

According to American local news outlet WXYZ, the woman went to sleep with her contact lenses in and wanted to take them out.

Using what she thought was eye drops, the woman took the bottle out of her handbag and used a few drops to help combat dryness.

Unfortunately, it was too late and Yacedrah Williams realised that she had mistakenly used nail glue instead of eye drops.

Williams said, “I was like, oh my goodness. It dropped in my eye, and I tried to wipe it away. It sealed my eye shut.

“I just started throwing cold water on it and I was trying to pull my eyes apart but couldn’t.” 

Williams was taken to hospital and doctors were successfully able to remove the contact lens which was covered in glue.

She said, “They said that contact saved my vision.”

Yacedrah Williams was able to escape with no loss of sight or damage to the eye. Only her eye lashes were lost in the ordeal.

The news sounds similar to Tessica Brown aka Gorilla Glue Girl’s unfortunate experience which took the world by storm earlier in the year.

Tessica Brown used gorilla glue adhesive to lay down her edges instead of gorilla snot hair gel and her hair was left stuck in the same style for over a month.

After cutting off her ponytail, Brown visited plastic surgeon Dr Michael Obeng in Beverley Hills and he performed a $12,500 removal procedure for free — with it reportedly taking four hours to complete.