News 5 January 2019
Author: Courtney W

Patient In Vegetative State For 14 Years Gives Birth

5 January 2019

A police investigation has been launched after a woman who has been in a vegetative state for fourteen years has given birth, according to reports by AZ Family.

The incident is said to have taken place on the 29th December at the Hacienda Nursing Facility in the state of Arizona. A source has told AZ Family that nobody at the nursing facility knew that the woman was pregnant until she was in labour.

Speaking to AZ Family, the source said: ““From what I’ve been told, she was moaning. They didn’t know what was wrong with her.

“There was a nurse that was there, and from what I heard, she’s the one that delivered the baby”.

The source also reveals the baby is alive and healthy.

The victim who gave birth has been in a vegetative state since a near drowning incident over a decade ago.

As the woman requires 24/7 care, many people are required to have access to her room.

No suspects have been named at present but AZ Family has reported that the Arizona Department of Health is “actively working with local law enforcement in their criminal investigation” into the assault of the victim.