News 4 May 2017
Author: Benji

Woman jailed for 11 years for almost killing fiance

Author Benji
4 May 2017

“Dangerous woman” Harriet Sharp has been jailed for 11 years for nearly killing her fiance during a series of domestic violence.

The domestic abuse included Sharp launching three knife attacks over the course of four months on victim Martyn Brown: October 2016, December and a horrific attack in January.  

Sharp, 25, eventually called an ambulance for herself pretending to have had stomach pains, however paramedics noticed Brown had various injuries including a punctured lung.

Speaking on the incidents, the father-of-two revealed that he thought “he was going to die that night”, amongst advising people in his situation to “get out, because it will get worse.”

Judge Robert Altham of the Preston Crown Court hearing stated: “I’ve seen the photographs and they show a man who bears a number of scars and a number of significant injuries. The injuries sustained could have been fatal.

“The severity of the injuries was such that the surgeon felt it was necessary to undergo an emergency laparotomy to ensure there was no further damage to internal organs.”

Whilst Sharp was being “irrationally and extravagantly violent” after being intoxicated, Brown suffered injuries to almost the whole of his body, including shoulder, stomach, back, thigh, forehead, chest, fingers and scratches/bite marks on his neck. 

Sharp, who lives in Lancashire, admitted to three offences of intentionally maliciously wounding Brown causing him “grievous bodily harm”.

Her defence lawyer John Woodward claimed she had leukaemia as a child and wanted to take her own life, adding: “She has learned her lesson, she is sorry, she understands what she did was terribly wrong.”