News 10 November 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Locals furious after woman found having sex with 6 men in a car

10 November 2016

A Lincolnshire local man was left red faced whilst walking his dog, as he stumbled across a car full of people indulging in an orgy – in broad daylight!

Darron Abbott, 51, claims he was picking up his dog’s mess at a park, when a woman in a nearby car tapped on the window and called him over.

From there he claims he saw a woman straddling a man on his lap in an Audi. A Volkswagen was parked up next to it, which had four men in there, seemingly taking it in turns to have a turn with her. He then says a second car later pulled up.

Abbott said, “You could see the woman in the front and she was bouncing up and down on a man’s knee. I made a rapid retreat.

“It then became apparent that the silver Volkswagen parked next to the Audi was full of males. They seemed to be taking turns getting into the car with the woman.

“Just after the police arrived a silver Peugeot arrived also full of males. It appears the various males were waiting for their turn. They were probably in their mid-20s or 30s.

“The police told me that were drunk and they sent them on their way with a caution, which I don’t think is a massive deterrent. If people are going to do this there are places for it. It’s not here. There’s lots of families with children here and this was 8am in morning.”

He continued, “We had a fireworks party on the evening and it certainly made an entertaining story for our guests. So my day ended with a bang as well as beginning with a bang.”

Good lad, Darron.