News 30 June 2016

OMG! Woman wins bid to use dead daughter’s eggs to give birth to her own grandchild

30 June 2016

A 60 year old woman who’s been fighting to use her dead daughter’s frozen eggs to give birth to her own grandchild has won a Court of Appeal battle.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), said, in 2014, that the daughter’s eggs could not be released from storage in London because she had not given her full written consent before she had died from bowel cancer at the age of 28.

The woman was appealing against the HFEA’s refusal to allow her to take her only child’s eggs to a clinic in the US to be used with donor sperm, having lost a High Court case last year before being granted permission to challenge the decision at the Court of Appeal in London, before a panel of three judges.

Although the mother had no form of written consent, her daughter, who died five years ago, was said to have approved of the plan and in the latest legal proceedings, lawyers acting for the mother told the judges she wanted to fulfil her daughter’s wishes to carry a child created from her frozen eggs and “raise that child”.

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