News 14 October 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

2 women forced man to twerk in Pokemon onesie in knife-point robbery

14 October 2016

Two women have been jailed for putting a vulnerable man through a horrific and humiliating ordeal, each recieving three years and nine months at Nottingham Crown Court.

The pair allegedly were let into the man’s home when the first woman – Ana Khan, 28 – knocked on his door and asked to borrow his mobile as hers had no credit.

He let her into a room and gave her the phone, before returning to find her in there with her accomplice, mother of three Tanieka Higgins.

They denied having the phone, before demanding he had to pay them to get it back. The women threatened him with knives on multiple occasions.

Judge Jeremy Lea said, “He was, in effect, falsely imprisoned and this was really cruel, bullying behaviour. He was humiliated, he was made a figure of fun for your own amusement and then you filmed him.

“Knives were produced by both of you, not just once, but on a number of occasions. His ordeal lasted for about an hour-and-a-half.

“It only came to an end, in that he was so frightened he managed to escape through a window.”

The court heard how Khan and Higgins had forced the man to twerk to “gangster music”, whilst wearing a Pokemon onesie.

“He was frightened and feared he was going to be stabbed,” said prosecutor James Armstrong-Holmes. He continued, “They both grabbed his wallet from his jacket, took £40, his house keys, headphones, pouch of tobacco and lighter.

“After he was kept in the room, both women went with him to his room and stole a Pokémon toy and a duck-shaped soap-on-a-rope. He was taken back to Khan’s room.

“They demanded he dance to gangster music,” said Mr Armstrong-Holmes, who did not specify the tune he had to dance to. “They ordered him to twerk and ordered him to dance or ‘this is going into you’ [the knife].”

The man escaped when allowed to return to his own bedroom. The women now will be facing jail sentences, as well as a restraining order.