News 7 April 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

The US Women’s football team was slaughtered by a team of U15s

Author Trudy Barry
7 April 2017

USA’s women’s football team faced embarrassment recently when they were beaten 5-2 by the Dallas Under-15s team.

The team were playing the match as a show of goodwill and as a warm up to their friendly match against Russia. However things didn’t quite go to plan when the group of teenage boys ended up racking up five goals against the international team.

The defeat was the latest in a strong of losses for the team, who have recently been beaten 1-0 by England and 3-0 by France.

As it turns out, the US women may not have been able to secure a win against the Dallas U15 team, but that didn’t stop them from smashing Russia 4-0 when they eventually did play their friendly match.

The team’s coach, Jill Ellis, believes in the power of the rebound. She said, “It’s always good to rebound. Everything right now is looking forward to the next game and trying to get better.”

Does this mean those 14-year-olds just had mad footy skills?