News 20 August 2019

‘#KnifeFree Chicken Boxes’ Returned To Home Office With Handwritten Knife Crime Solutions

20 August 2019

Last week, we reported on the Home Office’s attempt to tackle knife crime by distributing special chicken boxes and now, a new movement has been initiated to lobby the controversial move.

As part of the Home Office’s #knifefree campaign, they distributed 320,000 special chicken boxes – containing real stories from people who have escaped knife crime – to 210 chicken shops. However, the scheme was quickly criticised for its racist connotations.

In response to the #knifefree chicken box campaign, Word on the Curb have lobbied the government by sending chicken boxes with knife crime solutions back to the Home Office.

Ndubuisi Uchea, Shiva Tarbhaker and Hayel Wartemberg from Word on the Curb collected suggestions from the public to see how they would like to see the government combat knife crime.

On their campaign, Uchea said: “It was really beautiful to see people coming up with ideas and then other people coming over and reading those ideas.

“People find it [the Home Office campaign] offensive and think it’s a waste of money. How can they justify spending £50,000 on chicken boxes when youth services have been cut so drastically?”

The Word on the Curb members delivered the responses from the public to the Home Office earlier today (August 20).