News 29 July 2016
Author: Tinuke

Sculpture made of Pez dispensers breaks world record

Author Tinuke
29 July 2016

Throwback! Tokyo-based designer Dio Wong has created 7ft statues of Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the London Eye, made of everyone’s favourite childhood sweet – Pez dispensers. 

The colourful work of art was put on display at Canada’s Aberdeen Centre on the 30th June, and 
is the largest PEZ dispenser sculpture ever. The giant display sits at a size of 5 ft x 5 ft x 7 ft, and is made up of 9,404 dispensers.

Alongside several members of the local community, Wong and excited volunteers worked hard on the Pez dispenser sculpture to make an accurately scaled replica of the London landmarks. 

The piece was created in honour of an exhibition at the Aberdeen Centre known as “London Calling”, which takes place over summer and celebrates English culture.
GRM Daily
From what was once a candy container to a work of art, it’s safe to say this new record has become one of Canada’s sweeter sights to view.