News 25 June 2016

You’ll never guess which iconic wrestler is appearing on Wale’s mixtape

25 June 2016

It seems to be the week of the music-sport mash-up.

First up, there was Serena William’s appearance in Beyonce’s bawsy “Sorry” video, a suitably cold and edgy visual to accompany the much-talked about “Becky with the good hair” lyric. For my money, Serena is probably the only woman on the planet who can out-fierce Sasha Fierce herself.

On top of that, we now know that one of the WWE’s most iconic names is going to appear on Wale’s upcoming mixtape. Triple H, whose career has spanned an impressive twenty years at wrestling’s highest level, has taken a bit of time out of Pedigreeing suckers to contribute to Wale’s next project. Whether that means an introduction, an interlude, or a verse remains to be seen, but let’s hope for the latter for the potential comedic value. Rick Ross, the similarly athletic entertainer, took to Twitter for the surprise announcement a few days ago.

The collaboration will come as nostalgic news to many a nineties baby, who grew up smelling what the Rock was cookin’ and practicing Stone Cold stunners on unsuspecting friends.

How Triple H’s foray into music will pan out remains to be seen (can he match the musical mastery of Clint Dempsey’s “Don’t Tread”?), but all credit to Wale for crafting the imaginative feature.

by SJRip