Exclusives 18 October 2019
Author: Jack Lynch

GRM EXCLUSIVE: 11 Hardest Wretch 32 Bars

18 October 2019

Wretch 32 has been known as one of, if not the greatest wordsmith the UK has ever produced over the last decade. From the golden freestyles, such as his infamously iconic Fire In The Booth, to his ability to be able to perfect multiple genres over an impressive five studio albums, Wretch has created his own legacy which has been defined by his precise wordplay, emotion and honesty. 

So in celebration of Wretch’s latest album, Upon Reflection we have jumped straight into the huge arsenal of music wretch has in his artillery, to pick out 11 of the hardest bars which the Tottenham-native has spat over the years.

“I’m living my best life cause that’s what I do best,
These girls in my bank wanna show me interest,
Aye, look pounds or pennies,
I don’t scrounge off any, I’m fly I am not an insect”


Being the major breakout tune for Wretch, “Traktor” would be the tune that makes the cross over to an audience out of the UK. Featuring L Marshall, this one came from the Black and White album. Coming with a playful, radio-friendly sound, Wretch easily crosses over his lyrical talents into a song which could be played in the clubs.

“Lately I’ve been in a mood,
It’s like every day I hit the juice,
Then listen to another million tunes,
And fear how the feds are still killing youts,
It’s funny how the bigger picture always gets the little views”


Coming from Wretch and Avelino’s Young Fire Old Flame album, the pair put together a project of pure lyricism. A stand out track from this project is “GMO”. Featuring Youngs Teflon, the trio tackle the instrumental with no hook, where they all show off their lyrical talents and conscious wordplay. Wretch touches on the issues on the streets, while playing with pure emotion to paint the perfect picture of heartache and loss within London.

“F**k that, I’ve got my skateboard,
“I’ve got my rucksack, I’ve got my 8 balls,
“I’ve got two sticks and I ain’t playing pool
“I know who’s who, I’m from the same school”

“Open Conversation”

“Open Conversation” came from Wretch’s Growing Over Life album, this was one stand out track, where the conscious and aware lyrical offering paints yet another flawless picture of street life. However, the topics which are covered in this tune are delivered in a much more delicate, intricate and musical way than what you would expect from your average tune for the block. Wretch manages to effortlessly touch on social issues which have continued to be so present.

“She was weighting me down, I had to diet on her,
“She f**ks with me ‘cuh I’m getting chips,
“And I’ll always have a wingman if she got relatives”

“Cooked Food”

Again, coming from the Growing Over Life Album, Wretch touches on another vibe all together, this time he plays with his words over the topic of food. Wretch himself admitted that this tune is about chicken, but he does in a way which still manages to get you thinking in an extremely conscious way. With a variety of witty punchlines, this line is one that stood out as one which could go over a lot of heads.

“This is nonsense – I’m past tense,
“I’m a rap genius – I’ve passed sense,
“So if you ain’t got a 2:1, or you ain’t 3-2, you gotta graduate before you pass Wretch”

“Fire In The Booth”

Wretch 32 and Avelino’s Fire In The Booth is arguably the most famous freestyle to bless the platform. In preparation for the pair’s Young Fire Old Flame, the young fire and the old flame stepped up to the Champions League of freestyles where they both stretched the boundaries for what people ever thought was possible with lyrical skill. Wretch’s verse is an iconic one. Delivered over the XX’s “Intro” beat, the talent which bursts through in this one is undeniable.

“I’m trying to make intercontinental tunes,
Like Obama I make monumental moves,
I came to be the best so they gotta let me through,
They rate me at 10 but I ain’t ever made the news”

“SBTV F64”

During the golden SBTV F64 days, all the greatest rappers from the UK stood in front of the same camera to deliver their bars. Wretch delivered his freestyle 10 years ago and it still stands firm as one of the coldest lyrical offerings to have ever graced the channel. Coming with a laid back flow, Wretch speaks his words clearly as the punchlines do the talking over Onyx’s classic “Last Day” instrumental. 

Got the iron man, but I never play the hero
I’m the Lion King, I, and I look like a Leo
For my circle, I might add another zero
You can get a box, you don’t have to know the PO

“Gwop Expenses”

From Giggs’ latest Big Bad album, “Gwop Expenses” sees two heavyweights in the game go head-to-head as they deliver their best content on hard, bass-heavy instrumental. Wretch’s verse comes with confidence, energy and high-tempo as he delivers a cold selection of lyrics which compliment the beat naturally. This is a stand out track on Giggs’ project, and the influence from Wretch sure makes the impact.

“Have you ever spent a day in a cycle, where you’re chained to a cycle?
My wheel of fortune was peddling through our ends, we’re unrivalled”

“33 Style”

“33 Style” is arguably a tune which has flown under a lot of radars considering the age of the single. In this one, Wretch comes with a delicate lyrical offering which plays with metaphors well while painting the perfect picture to describe Wretch’s emotion and headspace during the time he penned this. 

“After I slept with talent I divorced my nerves and my mixtape it recorded my birth,
Of course I’m preferred, check my verbs,
The heat starts when my speech marks”


With this tune being released 11 years ago, it really proves that Wretch has always had the strongest pen game since day one. With a grime-riddled instrumental, this sound really highlights the sound of the streets at that time. The confidence in his craft in this one is undeniable, with energy and punchlines, this tune has it all when looking for a lyrical injection.

“But I’ll fly cause I could do with the air,
I ain’t got a life but I’ve got a music career,
The truest with the flare, take Wretch 3 from 2,
I’m the one do you know that I’mma do it this year”


From one of the earliest projects from Wretch 32, “Wretchrospective” offers a clever offering where his flows, energies and all round sound was in, and has continued to stay in a lane of its own since its release. This tune offers an insight from a younger Wretch on what to expect from him in the coming years – and he wasn’t wrong.

“Five women I grew up with gave me strong vision,
Became the man of the house and replaced the man missing,
That’s when you saw mummy’s boy and saw there’s a dad in him”

“Mummy’s Boy”

“Mummy’s Boy” comes from Wretch’s most recent album Upon Reflection, and this even more mature Wretch channels another set of emotions as he touches on family life, as it comes with the need to succeed to provide for the ones closest to him. This is a prime example of the ever evolving artist who still continues to push boundaries, stay grounded and be the living definition of longevity.

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