News 21 September 2015

WTF! David Cameron Allegedly had a sexual experience with a dead PIG!!

21 September 2015

In May, David Cameron won the UK election by a majority, but now it seems things could take a turn for the worst.

Lord Ashcroft, who is a billionaire and also pumped £8 million along with being a former party treasurer to the Tories up until 2010, has written a unofficial autobiography entitled ‘Call Me Dave’.

Now this is where things get sticky, Lord Ashcroft was promised a job by David Cameron, once he was victorious in the 2010 election.

But it didn’t quite work out that way. It was soon revealed that Mr Ashcroft had not paid taxes on his UK overseas earnings in which David Cameron claimed to have had no idea about. Ashcroft, begged to differ stating the Tory leader was aware of the situation from 2009.

GRM Daily

(Lord Ashcroft and David Cameron pictured as friends at one point)

The two men fell out, now Lord Ashcroft and his co-author could be on the brink of crippling Cameron not even six months into his new reign as PM.

‘Call Me Dave’ which is out next month has interviews with former school friends and colleagues who allegedly open up about Cameron being in a weed smoking group at Oxford’s Christ Church college, to cocaine openly being allowed at the Cameron’s residence.

The shocking part was to learn that they’re could be photographic evidence of David Cameron taking part in a sick ritual to join the Piers Gaveston Society (a dining club at Oxford University).

Supposedly a pigs head was resting on the lap of a society member when allegedly David Cameron,then proceeded to place his genitals into the dead animals mouth as part of an acceptance ceremony.

Its not been confirmed and Cameron has not defended the claims yet, but if it is true and the image manages to surface it could be very testing times ahead for David Cameron, the Tories, the country and his family.

Words by: Ren_GRM